How's your family?

Family Dynamics in 2016

We're conducting research to get a better understanding of family dynamics in the USA versus UK, and how these have changed since 1983.

We'd like your help. Please fill in our "FAD" survey*; it's quick, anonymous and we won't share your data with any third parties.

Once we reach 2,000 responses we'll analyze them and share our findings with you, through this page.

The survey is intended to be answered by parents in the UK or USA and who still have children living at home.

Read each statement carefully and decide how well it describes your family, according to how you see them.

Respond as quickly and honestly as you can; if in doubt, go with your first reaction to each question.

The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

Want more information?

*The survey

The Family Assessment Device (FAD) is a scientific tool consisting of a set of multiple choice questions about family life. You can find its history, usage, references and more, here.

Our company

In the same way that we take exercise to maintain physical fitness, we should take daily action to ensure our families' emotional wellbeing. MyFampal is dedicated to connecting families with scientifically proven resources to help. Find out more about us here.

...and don't forget, you can answer anonymously and drop out at any point.